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Starting the engine, getting up speed,
clocking up the kilometres

Do you have intermediate and/or higher vocational education and/or higher education diplomas and are dying to do a work placement where you can learn a lot? BAS gives you a flying start. With a professional training period, good supervision and room to continue developing. Take a look and see whether there’s a job that suits you. And apply for the job, nothing ventured, nothing gained and, if you don’t ask, no one’s going to be able to tell you whether you’ve got the job.

A flying start awaits you at BAS


Here’s what BAS has to offer you as a starter:

  • The centre of attention during your introduction and training period;

  • Good opportunities for continued growth and training ;

  • Participation in internal and external training;

  • A salary at the going rate;

  • Arrangements in place for pension, tuition fees, and salary savings;

  • Broad health and fitness programme (BAS FIT);

  • A relaxed and informal working environment where you are treated as a human being.


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