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BAS is opening its doors to students

Are you attending a vocational training programme or studying at university? Do you aspire to a career with a leading truck dealer and service provider with an unrivalled name in the transport world? BAS offers you a peek behind the scenes. Let us know what your ambitions are and come along and get to know one of our companies.

Do you determine the future of transport?

For schools

Company visits, guided tours
or guest lectures

The employees working at BAS make us who we are. That’s true now and in the future. You are the future and that’s why we invite you to come along and see for yourself and get to know our company. You’re welcome to ask us as a private individual or as a school to arrange a company visit, a guided tour or a presentation for you. We organise all sorts of things even down to visiting your school and giving you a guest lecture. Just let us know what you’re interested in.


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