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We’re all living in a digital world. Even at BAS the world is becoming steadily better and more efficient thanks to well thought-out IT. Automation and digitalisation is though never an end in itself. The aim is to improve our circumstances and make us all happier. If you can subscribe to that, take a look at our job opportunities and see if at BAS IT we have just the job for you.

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Challenging job opportunities
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AT BAS IT our specialists are busy every day with anything from fixing bugs to setting up complete new modules. If you come to us, you’ll find the type of work you do and the sorts of responsibilities you have very diverse: from workplace, system and application management and user support going through our very own help desk, to the use of innovative software that we develop to support our business and customers. We are under enormous pressure all the time to provide permanent improvements and the best available protection to work processes and e-commerce activities. Our IT workers give us all they’ve got to help users and customers. By bundling the strengths the various disciplines have, we keep up with the latest IT developments and ensure that together we are future proof.

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