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New Business at BAS

Maybe you can come along and make a valuable contribution towards continued innovation at the market leader in complete solutions for the transport sector? At BAS we don’t just wait for chances to come along,  we create chances ourselves. And we do that together at our division New Business Development. A multi-talented team researches and filters all of the strategic initiatives in turnover, profit and growth potential. Maybe this is something for you?

Work with us on new chances
and service models

New Business Development

Challenging New Business
Development job opportunities

At New Business Development we distinguish between two positions: New Business Developer and Project Manager. Both positions demand a depth of market know-how, strategic insight and invention. You are literally helping our organisation to move forward by using your powers of analysis and by daring to think outside the box.

As New Business Developer you are responsible for developing and realizing new opportunities. You are a true networker and team player and add value to a whole range of different projects. As Project Manager you ensure processes at BAS run smoothly and efficiently and monitor the quality and progress of projects. Take a look and see if your ideal position is here.


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