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Marketing at BAS

Half a million customers, 250,000 website visitors a month, a multi-million-euro marketing budget and 35,000 personalised and automated email campaigns every week. That should give you some idea of the scale and significance of our marketing activities. Data, e-commerce, marketing automation and digitalisation are central. Marketing in the world of transport. Are you the one to take up the challenge?

Food for thought for data specialists in e-commerce and communications


Challenging job opportunities in marketing


BAS is familiar with specialisms that work to reinforce one another such as Project Management, Search, Data, Communications and Concept Design. The department translates the wishes and ideas of business into convincing marketing concepts, campaigns and projects. Successful qualities you bring to the various positions on offer are: a good feeling for commerce, an enthusiasm for innovation and creativity, you are set apart when it comes to content and design. Essentially  qualities: at home in online marketing and the world of communications, using your marketing specialism you are driven to make a difference. Take a look and see if at BAS Marketing we have just the job you’re looking for.

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