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Logistics at BAS

BAS sales covers global sales of vehicles, parts and tyres. In addition we coordinate transport processes and organise vehicle shipping worldwide. Our fleet covers an annual distance of 415,000km or the equivalent of ten times around the world! A clever and dedicated team works quietly behind the scenes to achieve this success. You too could be part of this.

Who and what are you sending
ten times around the world?


Challenging job opportunities in logistics


Are you a talented trader with a background in logistics? As shipping manager working at BAS you are responsible for incoming and outgoing shipping assignments worldwide. You are in touch with various different parties ensuring the best solutions are delivered on the best terms. Or maybe you’d prefer to work as a transport manager? If you’re a skilled planner and negotiator, BAS will give you all the room you need to steer our very own fleet of drivers.

Or maybe you’d prefer to be on the road again? We are always on the lookout for serious, experienced drivers to ensure our trucks and trailers are at just the right place at just the right time and any trucks we have acquired can be collected.

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