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Human Resource
Management at BAS

At BAS our co-workers are key to the success of our international organisation: customer satisfaction. And so finding and binding talented co-workers who are able to identify with our goals and values means a lot. We manage to do this using an ultimate mix of specialists in HR, training and recruitment. Think you fit in to this mix?

The ultimate mix of
HR-, training and
recruitment specialists


Challenging job opportunities in HR


Our HR specialists operate close to the work floor as conversation and sparring partners for our co-workers, managers and board members. They are responsible for a modern and attractive conditions of employment package and working circumstances that are both pleasant and safe. These are after the pillars on which underlie finding and binding talent. At HR we have training coordinators responsible for showing you the ropes and the equipment, training and development tools to help you move forward. Our recruiters are always on the lookout for new talent to make their contribution towards providing our organisation with added value. Student, starter or professional, our recruiters would love to get to know you. Take a look to see if we have just the job opportunity you’re looking for.

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