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Finance & Control at BAS

Figures and cash flow. As plain as the nose on your face at our internationally active and very special family firm. Just to give you some idea: every year 7,500 vehicles, 950,000 component parts and 10,000 truck tyres pass through our hands. So it’s a good thing we’ve got in place a robust Finance & Control department. Maybe this is something for you?

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Finance & Control

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Finance & Control is responsible for the financial control of all of the activities within BAS Holding. This is based on the day-to-day administration and controlling and/or implementing incoming and outgoing payments. In addition, Finance & Control draws up monthly reports and analyses, budgets, forecasts and internal audits. We have the very best people who are enthusiastic about figures and cash flow to do all this in a targeted and precise manner. Does this apply to you? If it does, why not take a look and see if your dream position is among the job opportunities we have on offer?

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