Driven by Solutions

At BAS we are driven by our DNA and connected by our values

BAS Holding is a unique collection of companies that all work from within their own discipline for transport entrepreneurs. No matter which company you choose you’ll come across the BAS DNA, the key to team spirit, creativity, respect for a variety of different cultures and backgrounds and our personal ambition to make a difference for our customers. At BAS our people move one another and our customers forward.

Five key values as pillars under our customer-driven company culture

Customer and solutions-focussed


Everything we do is directed towards offering customers efficient solutions within the day-to-day dynamics of the transport sector. All of us contribute using our own particular talents and passion. We see our customers as partners for who we are pleased to go the extra mile. For us at BAS achieving success is a high priority, though we have learned over the years that success is always a team achievement.


At BAS we don’t just wait for things to happen but grab the chance to make a difference. We do this for our own customers and for our colleagues and all of our other stakeholders. We give of our best based on a strongly developed sense of responsibility and demonstrable spirit of enterprise. We believe in ownership, are alert to points for improvement and are eager to provide high quality services.

A family firm – informal, respectful and treating everyone equally


BAS is an international business that continues to be true to the traditions of a local family firm. You can see this in the company’s informal atmosphere, our concern for one another that expresses itself in personal and genuine interest and attention. Mutual respect is important to us. We are a multicultural company in a multicultural society. At BAS we look at talent, passion and the spirit of enterprise not at religion and/or cultural background. We realise our goals together.


We stand for doing business honestly and in the right way. This means all our agreements, procedures and promises are also transparent. For our goals, activities and results we are accountable to one another, to our customers and stakeholders, and to society at large.



The world of road transport is changing all the time. At times this occurs gradually and at other times in the form of a violent shock. As a forward-thinking organisation we anticipate such change. We do this for example by going into what our customers do from day-to-day and working with them to find innovative and lasting solutions. In addition, we stand for forward-thinking employers. Everyone gets the chance to develop and to work towards a work-life balance in working surroundings that are  healthy and safe.

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