Driven by Solutions

Our corporate culture

Our working space is the world. To be more precise: the boundless world of road transport. BAS’ companies have a detailed sense of this dynamic and act accordingly. Our customers come first, a promise you only make if you work with people who are driven and who are given the space and the trust to be able to excel. This is something the friendly and informal working atmosphere at BAS offers in the best traditions of a family concern that gets involved.

Our corporate culture

Time for one another and something else besides

To provide our customers with the best results at BAS our teams are closely-knit. Whilst we are ambitious and work hard, we always have time over to do some enjoyable things together and to get to know one another better and to celebrate our achievements. This we do in an informal atmosphere during Friday afternoon drinks and works outings. We always end the year with a company party on a grand scale for employees and partners so that we can all look back at the achievements of the past year. We organise a variety of activities, often sports-based, and the traditional feast days of St Nicholas and Christmas do not go by unnoticed. At BAS we spend time on one another.

Cultuur bij BAS

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