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What are you doing now to keep fit? Like us to give you a push in the right direction? At BAS you’ll find just the type of sporting challenge to suit you. In fact, we’ve drawn up a unique programme: BAS Fit. Its most important characteristic: all can take part whether as individuals or with colleagues, as a beginner or as someone who is advanced. ‘Your only limit is you’.


BAS helps you keep fit

People who are healthy and fit experience more pleasure in their lives and at work. That’s why BAS want to give you a helping hand. Whilst we do this for you, it’s in our own interests too because we like to have people working with us who are fit and because we care about our employees. This means everyone can take part in the BAS Fit programme. We can say without any exaggeration that this is the most all-round company programme for you to get fit and healthy. Pay attention to your place of work, your diet and your body. Find out where your limits are and dare to go beyond your limits. That’s what BAS Fit is all about. Our people are benefitting from this every day. What about you?


This is the most all-round company programme for you to get fit and healthy
for starters and peal athletes alike


From Health Check to
sports events

Your personal challenge begins with a professional Health Check to reveal right away what you have to concentrate on and what you need to improve on. Then there are all sorts of ways you can do this. You can start for example with healthy eating following tips from a nutritionist. In addition you can become more aware of your posture at work. Our workshop and workplace coach will tell you how to do this. Above all BAS Fit means getting involved and enjoying participating in fitness and sports activities that suit you either on your own or together with your team members. And once you have come to like it, we very much look forward to seeing you and your colleagues shine during the crazy sports events we hold.


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