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BAS Academy

At BAS we give you all the space you need to develop professionally and personally. After all, you’re happiest doing what you do best. This means your achievements are of the highest quality. We provide you with all the support you need to realise your ambitions and to continue to improve with training and coaching and vocational course tailor-made to suit your needs. If you want to get ahead  BAS Academy has all you need.

BAS Academy

From start to finish

The world is changing, engineering is improving all the time and innovation is the key to success. What we have to do is keep smiling through and change up a gear. At BAS we provide you with the means right from the word go and at every stage in your career. As soon as you get started our training coordinator sees to it that you have your very own induction plan directly linked to your job position and your know-how. You visit every relevant department for one whole day to get to know our organisation and your colleagues. You can get on with the e-learning programme right away and once you’ve completed the thorough ‘training on the job’ you’ll be well and truly settled in.


BAS gives you the space and the tools to do what you’re good at

BAS Academy

Training & coaching

Vehicle know-how, the market and our systems form the pillar on which our services rest. You’ll be taking part in internal and external training at regular intervals to keep your know-how up to date. At BAS Truck Center Volvo and Renault Trucks provide our mechanics with access to brand-specific training programmes. We organise exchange of know-how in special ‘share-your-knowledge-sessions’. For ambitious colleagues thirsty for knowledge we have a tuition-fees arrangement in place. We also stimulate employees to take part in relevant seminars and exhibitions. We have POPs – personal development plans – in place to help you work at your career. Interactive work appraisals and progress talks help you to make the right choices and take the right steps in your personal life too. At BAS your personal and professional development go hand in hand.


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