Driven by Solutions


BAS’s companies are built on a solid foundation. Our Volvo Trucks and Renault Trucks dealership of many years standing forms the basis for a unique sales and service network for transport equipment. In the Netherlands BAS Truck Center is our flagship and with BTS we are well represented in Germany. Across the globe, BAS Mining Trucks provides unique equipment for infrastructure and mining. Just three of BAS’s companies with a single goal: to provide service solutions to move a transport company forward.

BAS Truck Center

Driven by service

As a service-oriented and innovative dealership, BAS Truck Center has grown rapidly in the transport world. In addition to providing commercial vehicles, we have been an official Volvo and Renault Trucks dealer for years with service centres in Veghel, Nijmegen, Tilburg and Veldhoven. We offer transport companies specific solutions to any problems they have with transport equipment. BAS Truck Center provides services for all brands of haulage and driving equipment and commercial vehicles. Experienced and professional teams carry out maintenance and repairs.

The wide range of services at BAS companies is anchored in our Global Truck Concept that provides for the purchase and sale of new and used means of road transport, financial services, including lease solutions and unique after-sales services, such as for example the sale of original Volvo and Renault parts.


BAS Truck Center Indicators | 2017

Sold hours
Sales of Volvo Trucks

Time is money. Every kilometer counts. My truck is my capital.
At BAS they understand precisely the level of service I need.


Driven by Service

With BTS as a DAF dealer BAS is well represented in Germany. BTS has outlets in Hamm, Dortmund, Frechen and Essen. This means we cover a considerable part of Noordrijn-Westfalen [= North Rhine Westphalia]. BTS is the largest DAF dealer in Germany. Under the motto ‘die ganze Welt des LKW’ [= The whole world of trucks]. BTS concentrates on sales and maintenance of DAF Trucks and pulled equipment. BTS stands for customer-oriented solutions at competitive prices. Customers can come to BTS at any time for original DAF parts.


BTS Indicators | 2018

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Sales of DAF Trucks

BAS Mining Trucks

Driven by innovation


Across the globe, BAS Mining Trucks offers the best trucks for every imaginable type of infrastructure work and mining project. We have acquired this specialism by listening carefully to the market and setting it up with a variety of partners from the sector concerned. We manage our own trucks and improve them wherever we can. Customers can choose from different service levels with Service Level 1 offering the certainty of guaranteed availability.

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